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Dear Friends,

Mother Teresa shiksha & Seva Samiti, Sarsawa Saharanpur. ( The Society ) was founded in the year 1992 in the memory of the great social reformer of modern India “Saint Mother Teresa Ji” and got registered in the year 1998 on 12th day of September under the societies registration act 1860, act (21 of 1860).
The society is the guding force to impart quality education right from its inception in1996 and has become a symbol of excellence in education. The society is governed by the distinguished personalities from various spheres of knowledge. People of excellence at the helm of affairs, in the larger interest if the populace.
The society has adhered to a philosophy of quality education for all and it has established two senior secondary schools in Sarsawa at Saharanpur to cater educational needs of as many children’s as possible. The centralized governance by people of eminence and authority has helped the society to ensure high standard and made both the school as the torch-bearer in the filed of education.

It has been constant effort of the society to the society to follow the policy of fundamental principal of education with the belief that children are the wealth of nation. The society has advocated troughout the years that all the years years that all the children are entitled to;-

  • Freedom of thoughts
  • Freedom of choice
  • Rights of Experession
  • Right to Equality
  • Right to Safety
  • Right to Education
  • Right to opportunity

Dr. Devender Kumar
Mother Teresa Public School

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